For Promotion Of Cryptogam Research In India


ILS would be launching a e-journal entitled "Cryptogam Biodiversity and Assessment". The journal would be dedicated to cryptogams (algae, fungi, lichens, bryophytes and pteridophytes) and their systematics, ecology, diversity, biomonitoring, bioprospection, conservation, climate change etc.
We are now preparing the guidelines for authors and list of editors.

The Editorial Board consists of following people

Chief Editor: Dr. (Mrs.) Vertika Shukla
Managing Editor: Dr. Santosh Joshi

Editorial Board members

From India

1. Dr. Himanshu Rai
2. Dr. B.C. Behera
3. Dr. K.P. Singh
4. Dr. Anupam Dikshit
5. Dr. G.N. Hariharan
6. Dr. G.P. Sinha
7. Dr. Amritesh C. Shukla

From Abroad

1. Dr. P.K. Divakar (Spain)
2. Dr. C.B. Baniya (Nepal)
3. Prof. Sergij Kondratyuk (Ukarine)
4. Dr. Ana Crespo (Spain)
5. Dr. H.T. Lumbsch (USA)